Cruising Workshop

Many of our guests are thinking about some kind of plan to “sell up and sail" or "retire to the Med" 

But where do you start? Well, firstly don't believe everything you read in the glossy sailing magazines! 

We offer a practical option, based on our experience of cruising as youngsters (on a 34ft ) and doing it now aboard Lady Jomo with 30 years experience.  If you're addicted to You Tube channels like SLV, can sail but feel a bit rusty or have a reticent partner this is the week for you to work out how to overcome those challenges . 

Each workshop is tailor made so you can gain confidence in your weakest areas but here are a few example of sailing topics we might discuss 

  • What size and type of boat should we look for?

  • What navigation equipment will we need?

  • How much technical knowledge do we need to stay on top of repairs and maintenance?

  • What’s the best tender for us?

  • Battery system?  Where to start ? 

  • Do we go electric ?

  • What's the best safety equipment 

  • Man over board drills

  • What's the best water maker? Do we need one ?

  • What tools you MUST have on a boat?


Life below deck keeps life on deck ticking away  calmly and is usually left to the reluctant sailor but there are lots of things to discuss, such as .....

  • Should we get a washing machine?

  • What should we have in our First Aid?

  • Do we need Air Con ? Wind socks ?

  • Organisation  - where to start 

  • Catering for passages

  • Provisioning 

  • Storage  

  • Wet weather gear

  • Boat cleaning products 

  • Galley equipment