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Terms & Conditions


Confirmation of booking will be provided upon receipt of a completed booking form and receipt of a 50% non-refundable deposit. The non-refundable booking deposit is 50% of the course fees. If a booking is made within one month of the commencement date, the full course fees are payable upon booking. Course fees must be paid in full prior to course commencement. Until the deposit is paid, the booking remains unconfirmed and we reserves the right to allocate the place to another student.


Payment can be made in cash, bank transfer or PayPal. Bank transfers can be made in in GBP, Euro or AS$. An invoice will be issued upon full payment. Final payment must be made two weeks prior to commencing the course.


If more than eight weeks’ notice of cancellation is provided, the non-refundable booking deposit may be transferred to a later course or transferred to another student. If a booking is cancelled within four weeks of the course start date, and the school is unable to re-sell the place on the course, the deposit is both non-refundable and non-transferable. Course fees shall not be refunded for any reason once the course has started. Please note, we recommend you take holiday cancellation or personal travel insurance. Notice of cancellation must be received in writing.


If the Lady Jomo has to cancel a course, before commencement date, any course fees you have paid, including your deposit, will be refunded in full


If a student is likely to be delayed beyond the start time of the course, we must be informed as soon as possible and must be notified in writing. It is at the discretion of LJ if the fees paid can be transferred to a future course. If a student fails to arrive, for any reason whatsoever including illness, and LJ has not been notified in writing, the course fees will be forfeit.


We ask you to inform LJ upon booking of any health issues that may affect your suitability for participating in a practical course. A signed medical declaration must be completed at the time of booking. If there are any changes between completing the medical declaration and starting the course, the student must inform LJ in writing. LJ accepts no responsibility for the decision of the physical fitness of the customer to participate in a course. If a student has any medical problems, it is their responsibility to check with their GP that it is acceptable for them to join the course. Students must ensure that any personal medication is brought to the course.


Your Skipper will make decisions re: heavy weather training with the safety of crew and vessel as first priority. The instructor/examiner’s decision is final. If a course has to be postponed, once course has commenced, due to weather conditions beyond the control of the school, course fees will be transferred to a later date. Course fees are not refundable in such a case.


The accommodation is offered on the understanding that the vessel be kept clean, tidy and secure at all times. Gas must be turned off at the main gas supply when not in use. It is strictly forbidden to move the boat. It is not permitted for any

other person to be onboard unless permission is gained in advance from the skipper. The student is required to act with duty of care towards the vessel at all times. Full rules are available on request.


Linen, towels (2 each) and basic toiletries (sunblock,shampooo erc ) are provided on board. Breakfasts and lunches are provided for as part of the course. An evening meal plan for dining on board will be agreed before commencing the course. Meals and drinks onshore are not included.


LV shall not be liable for any accidents that occur whilst a student is under the influence of alcohol. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted whilst underway. If a student arrives for a training course and is considered to be under the influence of alcohol, they will be asked to leave the course and no monies refunded.


Smoking is not permitted in any interior space including the cockpit on lady Jomo. Please respect our rule that no cigarette butts be thrown into the sea.


Recreational drugs of any kind are strictly forbidden onboard Lady Jomo.. If found, or suspected, the customer will immediately leave the course and no monies will be refunded, nor any additional travel expenses reimbursed.


If irresponsible or negligent behaviour of a student leads to damage or loss of any item belonging to the property of Lady Jomo, the student is responsible for replacement or repair. Damages and breakages, howsoever caused, must immediately be notified to the skipper/instructor.


All students are expected to participate in cleaning the vessel and ensuring the vessel is kept clean and tidy at all times. At the end of a course/exam, all students are expected to clean the vessel thoroughly, remove any rubbish, refill the water tanks, secure the yacht, attach shore power, turn off gas supply and leave in a good state. Black-soled, or shoes with marking soles, are not permitted.


The instructor/examiner’s decision is final. All students will accept all orders and decisions given by the instructor/examiner whilst onboard, or onshore, during any training provided by LJ. The instructor/examiner’s authority is total, day and night, in accordance with Maritime Law. If for any reason a student does not accept an order from the instructor/examiner, or a designated substitute, the student shall be considered to be in breach of our terms and conditions. If the student is placed ashore at the nearest port, no liability whatsoever shall attach itself to Aigua Sea School and neither shall the student have any redress for any expenses, nor any redress against the instructor/examiner as a result of any action or decision by the instructor/examiner.


The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is available to British subjects, bona fide British residents or persons born outside the UNECE. Lady Jomoand affiliated Schools can provide full eligibility details on request.


Mooring fees away from the vessel’s home berth are a shared responsibility of the crew and are to be paid locally. Your instructor will provide a suggested plan of harbours and inform the crew of expected costs. Mooring fees at base are included.


It is strongly advised for students and guests to obtain their own insurance for sickness, illness, loss of course fees, loss of personal effects, breakages or damages to the boat, cancellation or curtailment, travel disruption or delay, accident onboard or any other reason the student considers appropriate for their activity and well-being.

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