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With frequent and inexpensive access through its huge airport at Palma, we especially love the spectacular, mountainous West coast of Mallorca. Think “The Night Manager” – all charming waterside restaurants located in coves between sheer cliff faces. There is not much shelter along this coast, so it is best to explore from June to September, when the weather is most settled. If we need to shelter from Westerly or Southwesterly winds, the East coast offers some attractive fishing villages as well as the island’s best beach at Es Trenc.


Jaw dropping, mountainous scenery, historic towns and crystal waters for snorkeling. Oh yes, and French cuisine too. The West coast of Corsica offers some of the best cruising in the entire Mediterranean, in our view. The ports of Calvi and Bonifaccio are not to be missed and the anchorages in between are often not accessible from the land. This is a place where it definitely makes sense to hire a car for a few days to explore inland, before or after your cruise.


For lovers of art, history and Greek and Roman archaeology, the largest island in the Mediterranean offers endless possibilities, many within taxi or bike distance of enchanting yacht harbours and anchorages. Live volcanoes, including Mount Etna, and the magical Aeolian Islands compete for your time with engaging marketplaces and some of the best Italian regional cuisine.


An island of contrasts, offering something for all tastes, from the yachtsman’s paradise of the Straits of Bonifaccio and the Maddelena Archipelago (perhaps avoiding the bling of Porto Cervo) to the history and archaeology offered by West coast towns like Alghero and Oristano, and the medieval capital of Cagliari, also peppered with archaeological interest. Sardinia often feels like it has been left behind somewhat, in terms of development and sophistication, but that is its charm

    Aeonian Islands 

There is simply no better way to discover this UNESCO world heritage site than by boat. Walk up the crater on Stromboli, hike up to the top of 

Lipari for magnificent views or visit the Museum, take a sulphur bath in Volcano and enjoy the natural springs.  Surrounded by rocky coastlines, smouldering craters, white and black sand beaches. We hop between the Islands enjoying the diversity of each from spartan Alicudi where donkeys are the only mode of transport to the lively bars of Panarea where the jetset spend their summer. 

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